Welcome to the Patel Research Group


Welcome to the Patel Research Group in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware. Our group uses high-performance computing platforms (conventional CPU-based and next-generation GPU and hybrid CPU-GPU) to address applied and fundamental aspects of a variety of physical, biophysical, and technologically-relevant condensed-phase systems. Broadly, topics of current interest include:

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning (Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Deep Learning)
  • Biophysics of lipid bilayers and model cell membranes
  • Design of Peptide-Based Cell-Penetrating Pharmaceuticals
  • Protein-Protein interactions

  • Protein-ligand binding free energetics and accurate prediction

  • Aspects of protein and peptide folding

  • Emerging pictures of biophysical processes in crowded cellular environments,

  • Aspects of solvation (hydration) at the molecular level and their relation to a broad range of phenomena spanning the aforementioned systems

  • Carbon nanomaterials properties and modeling at the atomic and mesoscales

  • Development of Molecular Simulation Software for Graphics Processors

  • Development and Implementation of associated computational methods.

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